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What Is Nightscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting has the ability to light up your pathways at night, or to show off your home and garden in a beautiful way. It serves many functions from being able to see in the dark when you need to walk from your driveway to your front door, to offering the safety and security of being able to see what is going on in your yard, but the main reason people choose landscape lighting is for its nightscaping capabilities.

Nightscape Lighting Florida

Night scape lighting is the installation of lighting throughout your property with the intentional purpose of showing off your home, gardens, and paths in their very best light. A qualified lighting expert near you can determine the best placement for different types of lights to show off plants, trees, water features, patios, pools and more. There is care taken to create the perfect tranquil mood in your backyard.

What To Consider When Thinking Of Adding Nightscape Landscape Lighting?

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When considering adding nightscape outdoor lighting to your property you will need to determine what features in your yard you would like to show off, what areas of your yard may be in more need of light than others, and the atmosphere you want to create with that lighting.

At Uplight Pro Landscape Lighting we offer lighting kits that include a number of stylish brass pathway lights and uplights. These brilliant, bright LED lights use a low voltage, have a long lifespan, and create no heat so there is no worry of scorching your plants or even burning pets or little ones that could be playing in your yard. Our standard outdoor lighting kit comes with six uplights to illuminate your home and trees and four pathway lights, but depending on your property and your nightscape lighting needs you can always customize and add more lights to help make your garden or pool area sparkle during the evening hours. Check out our customer reviews about our lighting to learn more. 

When you choose to have night scape lighting installed by Uplight Pro Landscape Lighting we will schedule a consultation with you so that one of our experienced lighting technicians can examine your property to determine how many lights will be needed and the best placement of these lights. We will come up with a lighting plan that will allow the lights to provide excellent coverage of your property and perfectly illuminate your backyard for all of your entertainment needs.

Hiring an experienced professional landscape lighting company near you is the best way to make sure that your nightscape lighting is installed correctly and in the most complementary position.

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At Uplight Pro Landscape Lighting, a division of Vitex Systems, our team has been handling nightscape landscape lighting and other smart home and home security technologies for years, with many great reviews about our lighting services. We have three conveniently situated locations in South-Central Florida in SarasotaNaples, and Delray Beach, to serve our Florida clients landscaping lighting needs to the best of our ability. We have the expertise to make sure your property is the envy of the neighborhood. And when you purchase one of our lighting kits they come standard with a comprehensive maintenance agreement so you don’t need to worry about a burnt-out light bulb or other malfunction of any kind. Contact us today to set up your free consultation.

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